Kings and Queens Ink Lounge & Salon

Providing services for both the Daring and Glamourous

Kings and Queens originally opened as a Tattoo Studio, with Jody being the wheel of the business being lead with the passion of design and history of design through air brushing on motorcycles and his childhood through his relationship with his Dad. Since the doors opened there was one rule made and that was that "We shall not Focus on Quantity, but rather the Quality we deliver".

Kings and Queens was born in March 2015 and in 2016 branched into a Tattoo and Salon studio so this way they could cater for the daring and the glamourous. An awesome accident that was created and fine tuned by its owner Jody Mitchell.

With every challenge Kings and Queens, has turned every set back into opportunities for growth and prosperity. Creating a working environment where the term family, can be used to best describe the work ethic. They not only want to see the business succeed, but they want the members of the Royal Court, to succeed and grow as well.

Through the studio doors is a welcoming, chilled environment where the passionate, friendly and creative Royal Court, are ready and willing to bring your visions to life. Whether it be a piercing, a tattoo, a hairstyle …a manicure or two…or three.

The atmosphere and quality over quantity keeps you coming back for more.

Only the best for our Royal Family

Quality at its best

Royal Treatment at its best