For your safety and ours

We've upped our hygiene at Kings and Queens Ink Lounge and Salon

We've always prided ourselves on maintaining high standards of hygiene.

Making use of sealed needles. Sterilised equipment and work spaces in the ink lounge and the salon.

With the COVID-19 pandemic we've gone a step further o make sure that all members of our Royal Family, staff and and clients, are safe.

We've enlisted the services of Impact Fire and Safety Services, to sterilise our studio space on a weekly basis. Our daily hygiene routine has been adapted to accommodte the following additions:

Entrance is disinfected several times throughout the day

Pedal dispenser for hand sanitiser is stationed at the entrance for your convenience. This is in addition to the other hand santiser dispensers we've always had in the studio.

We have a contactless thermometer that takes your tempertaure upon entry before filling in a register, where contact information and a quick survey is done to assess your risk activity.

Our staff are screened daily, by having temperatures taken regularly throughout the day not just upon entry, they have to fill in a questionnaire.

All our tools are sterilised under UV Light in our UV Cabinet. We have been making use of PPE attire. Masks are worn and we have a strict NO MASK NO ENTRY policy.

Should anyone experience any flu like symptoms they are not permitted entry.

In line with protocols we've marked out areas to abide by social distancing regulations and our client numbers are controlled by working on appointents only.

To make sure that you have everything you need to protect yourself from the current pandemic, we have also sourced quality products such as masks, sanitisers and essential hygiene products which are available from our online store.